Winter boots

Winter boots

Bundgaard Tween boots are ideal for children 8 - 16 years of age.

The colder the weather the more you will need a pair of boots to keep you warm & dry.
Boots for winter is our specialty – Since 1904 we have dressed children for any type of adventure. The Bundgaard tween collection is intended trend aware boys and girls who like a modern & durable boot. Bundgaard boots are comfortable, easy to wear, and available in a standard, wide, or narrow fit. They are made from breathable/water-repellent (some with TEX), flexible and durable materials.

We recommend approximately 1,5 cm of extra space for growth in our shoes.

Standard, narrow or wide fit
High functionality
Adjustable velcro and/or lace
Flexible sole-units
Supporting counter for heel stability

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