Short Warm Rubber Boot

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Short Warm Rubber Boot is the winter edition of our popular and classic rubber boots. It is a cuteshort boot which is easy for the children to jump in.  

Fit: Wide 
Material: Natural rubber 
Lining: 40% wool, 60% Dacron fabric 
Sole: Natural rubber 
Removable thermo-wool soles 

Recommended growing space: 10-12 mm. 


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Short Warm Rubber Boot is the winter edition of our popular and classic rubber boots. It is a cuteshort boot which is easy for the children to jump in.  

Bundgaard rubber boots are very durable and produced in 100% natural rubber, which makes them extremely soft and comfortable to wear. They are designed with a natural fit that allows for growth. They are wide at the front and narrow at the back, giving an optimal grip of the foot. The reflective detail in the back ensures that the boots are visible in the dark 

We recommend that warm rubber boots are used as an extra boot for the rainy days, as even water-repellent winter boots may have their limitations.  

Recommended growing space: 10-12 mm. 


  • Fit: Wide 

  • A firm heel cap ensures great support and stability 

  • A firm toe cap provides space and protection around the toes 

  • Removable insoles make it: 

  • Easy to check if the size is correct – both when buying and continuously during use.  

  • NOTE: Small children bend their toes and cannot feel when the shoe is too small. 

  • Possible to aerate and dry the soles 

  • Easy and quick to clean the inside of the shoe  

  • Soft and flexible 

  • The reflective detail on the back ensures that the boot is visible during the dark winter hours 

Bundgaard rubber boots are produced in 100% natural rubber. As this is a natural material, the color may vary slightly, and stains may occur if the boots are exposed directly to heat or stored in direct sunlight.  


Care and maintenance of rubber boots prolong their life, and they are kept strong and flexible without cracking. A care product can either be bought directly from individual retailers or a natural oil can be used – e.g., a taste-neutral oil from the kitchen.  

Start by washing the rubber boots thoroughly so that all dirt comes off – a good tip is to hold them under the tap. When the boots are dry, the oil can be applied with a soft sponge or cloth. Repeat from time to time.  

Rubber boots should never be dried on a radiator or similar heat sources. This would cause the rubber to dry out faster, and thus crack and compromising their ability to be completely waterproof.   
A good tip for drying them is also to take out the insoles. Then the boot can dry on the inside too, which becomes particularly important if the child has had warm feet.   



Bundgaard Zero Heel is a collection characterized by thin and flexible soles. This increases freedom of movement and gives a good sense of the ground. The soles are flat without heel drop - a non-elevated heel. The main idea behind this collection has been to create minimalistic styles where the sole purpose is to protect the foot against the outside surface. 


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