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About Bundgaard

Bundgaard has been designing shoes for active and curious children since 1904. Shoes that can be used in all kinds of weather, all year round. At Bundgaard, we value the traditional crafts, take pride in selecting quality materials and focus on developing shoes that give children's feet optimal conditions.

Who are we

The story of Bundgaard begins in Esbjerg in 1904, and to this day Bundgaard is Scandinavia's oldest children's shoe brand. Thorvald Emil Bundgaard becomes the owner of a shoe factory, which at that time was in financial difficulties.

In the beginning, Bundgaard produced shoes for many different purposes, including gymnastics shoes. The priorities changes, when Thorvald's first grandchild is born in the 1920s. He decides that in the future he will dedicate his production to making children's shoes only - children's shoes that are healthy and comfortable for the children to wear.

Thorvald, and his son and grandson, become pioneers in the art of making comfortable shoes for children, and to this day all Bundgaard shoes are produced with respect for our heritage and identity and the basic principle - shoes must be comfortable for children to wear!


As the first in Scandinavia, Bundgaard specialized in the art of producing footwear designed for children and their needs. We specialize in a healthy, natural shape and designs shoes for children of all ages with both narrow, standard and wide fits. Our shoes are designed with many adjustment options, so they can be perfectly adapted to the individual child's foot. Bundgaard shoes are made for children in motion. Children who cycle, run, climb and jump. Children who laugh and cry break boundaries and become familiar with their senses.

All Bundgaard shoes are still designed in Denmark, and every year we launch two collections consisting of high-quality handmade leather footwear and rubber boots for children aged 0-16 years.

We value our heritage and to this day create amazing shoes that meet the highest standards.


Our 1st priority is - and always will be - to ensure the children the highest level of comfort.

We constantly strive to obtain the necessary knowledge within shoe development and the needs of the little ones, as well as the parents, so that our production is constantly up-to-date. We follow current trends and love to try out new initiatives.


Everything we do aims to allow children to unfold freely - whether it is in active play, the first steps, indoor "hygge" or outdoors in the mud pool.

Our mascot, the Bundgaard rabbit, is a sweet and soft animal that jumps around with a playful personality. It symbolizes health, comfort and vulnerability. All this represents the Bundgaard brand, which reflects the children's free, playful and lively activity.


The majority of our production takes place in Portugal with carefully selected partners who handcraft our unique leather shoes. The remaining production takes place in East Asia (Indonesia, India, Cambodia and China), where i.a. our distinctive rubber boots are produced.

We honor traditional craftsmanship in production and select high-quality materials. The factories where we produce our handmade collections follow all EU REACH standards.

At Bundgaard, we love children and the world they grow up in. Therefore, we have made some conscious choices about our products and production:

  • We launch new collections twice a year. Of course, we update some of the styles with new colors, seasonal trends and creative details, but most are transferred from season to season

  • We make sure not to overproduce by producing after order entry

  • A large part of our collection is lined with vegetable-tanned leather, to protect the feet from contact with chrome and heavy metals

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