The children and their needs are our first and most important priority. We want to give the children the best opportunities for movement and outdoor adventures, by offering the little feet the best conditions for a long and healthy life.

That is why quality, function and comfort are the most important parameters in a Bundgaard design. Our styles are based on thoroughly tested fits: narrow, standard, and wide. They are designed to follow the foot’s natural shape and will be a great companion for children of all ages thanks to the many adjustment possibilities a Bundgaard design offer.

Bundgaard shoes are made for children in motion, who cycle, run, climb, jump, and skip around. Children who laugh, cry, breaks boundaries and become more familiar with their senses.

We are working with two main collections per year and a wide NOOS program. Approximately a third of the collection is carried into the new season.

Most of our styles are produced in collaboration with carefully selected partners in Portugal, and the rest in Asia. We collaborate with factories in Portugal, China, India, Cambodia, and Indonesia. Each factory is specialized in producing the product group, they produce for us.

In production, we honor traditional craftmanship and only use meticulously selected quality materials.

We make conscious choices about every single detail that goes into a Bundgaard design.


We use both conventional and vegetable tanned leathers in our production.

Vegetable tanned leather lining is a key component throughout our collections as it protects the little feet from contact with chrome and heavy materials.

The conventional tanning is a low chrome tanning process within the REACH standards.

More and more of our upper leathers are produced with biodegradable leather. The leather used in our production are all a biproduct from the food industry.

The tanneries we are working with are all members of the Leather Working Group, and they are ranked from Bronze to Gold members.

100% WOOL

We use 100% virgin- and natural wool for lining. Wool is a material with many great qualities - it makes the shoe breathable and soft; it is temperature regulating and keeps the feet warm, and last but not least, it is biodegradable.

We prioritize to source wool nearby production and collaborate with vendors in Spain and Portugal. The wool is clipped before summer with respect for the animal’s welfare and we only use mulesing free wool.


The majority of our shoelaces are produced in 100% cotton. Cotton comes from the cotton plant, where the natural fibers from the plant can be transformed into this breathable, soft, and stretchable material. 100% cotton is also hypoallergenic.


Most of our collection is designed on TPR soles, which gives several advantages. The main being full reusability and recyclability (as opposed to natural rubber), as well as great aesthetic versatility.

Because TPR can be recycled, it is possible to leave no residue from the production process.

The TPR material is more stable to temperature variation and can keep its main physical characteristics making it more comfortable in different weather conditions. Our outsoles consist of TPR and/or rubber.


All buckles and other metal details are nickel free. New flat insoles are produced in cork with vegan silicone. The remaining insoles are produced in either leather or wool.








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