Classic Rubber Boots Warm Yellow


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Signature rubber boot with natural fit, warm lining reflexes. Available in many colors. Classic rubber boots for rainy days.

Material: Natural rubber
Lining: 40% wool/60% dacron textile
Sole: Natural rubber
Fit: Normal to wide

Indicative internal measurements:
Size 2013,5 cm
Size 2617 cm
Size 3121 cm
Size 2114 cm
Size 2718 cm
Size 3221,5 cm
Size 2214,5 cm
Size 2818,5 cm
Size 3322,5 cm
Size 2315 cm
Size 2919 cm
Size 3423 cm
Size 2416 cm
Size 3020 cm
Size 3523,5 cm
Size 2516,5 cm

SKU: BG401011_800