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Gall is a cool low-cut sneaker characterized by a little extra protection on the toe. The sneaker has a narrow fit and is lined with smooth leather. The velcro closure allows the sneaker to slip on/off easily and can be adjusted to fit perfectly.

Cutting stitch on Velcro
Toe protection
Toe reinforcement
Back counter support
Padding on collar
Premoulded removable insole
TR sole

Indicative internal measurements:
Size 2314,8 cm
Size 2415,4 cm
Size 2516,4 cm
Size 2617,0 cm
Size 2717,5 cm
Size 2818,2 cm
Size 2918,6 cm
Size 3019,2 cm
Size 3120,3 cm
Size 3221 cm
Size 3321,5 cm
Size 3422,5 cm
Size 3522,9 cm

SKU: BG101013G_519