Linda Tan WS


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Linda is a comfortable sandal with a standard fit and a simple cross-over design. The velcro closure allows the sandal to slip on/off easily. Made from smooth and breathable leather, soft padding and a flexible sole, Linda is built for a more comfortable wear.

Cutting stitch on Velcro
Foam sock
TR sole

Indicative internal measurements:
Size 2817,7 cm
Size 2918,4 cm
Size 3019,1 cm
Size 3119,7 cm
Size 3220,3 cm
Size 3320,9 cm
Size 3421,6 cm
Size 3522,3 cm
Size 3622,9 cm
Size 3723,7 cm
Size 3824,3 cm
Size 3924,9 cm
Size 4025,6 cm

SKU: BG202083G_217