Jamie Grey WS


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This light weight sandal is designed with an open heel and toe providing freedom and air. With its many adjustment possibilities, Jamie is easy to slip on and off. The three velcro straps can be adjusted to fit just right. Jamie is made from smooth and breathable leather and has a sporty and flexible sole.

Cutting stitch on Velcro
Foam sock
TR sole

Indicative internal measurements:
Size 2315,3 cm
Size 2415,8 cm
Size 2516,3 cm
Size 2616,8 cm
Size 2717,6 cm
Size 2818,4 cm
Size 2919 cm
Size 3019,6 cm
Size 3120 cm
Size 3220,8 cm
Size 3321,6 cm
Size 3422,2 cm
Size 3522,8 cm
Size 3623,6 cm
Size 3724,4 cm
Size 3825 cm
Size 3925,6 cm
Size 4026,2 cm

SKU: BG202081W_132