Caja Vintage Tan


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Caja is a warm mid-season boot. Perfect for cooler fall or spring days. The boot is lined with 100% soft natural wool and TEX for a waterproff performance. Natural shaped with a flexible TPS sole for comfort.

Material: Oily nobuck, vintage leather
Lining: 100% wool
Sole: Rubber
Clossure: Elastic/zipper
Fit: Normal to wide

Indicative internal measurements:
Size 2315,3 cm
Size 2416 cm
Size 2516,7 cm
Size 2617,4 cm
Size 2718 cm
Size 2818,6 cm
Size 2919,3 cm
Size 3019,9 cm
Size 3120,6 cm
Size 3221,3 cm
Size 3322 cm
Size 3422,5 cm
Size 3523,1 cm
Size 3623,5 cm
Size 3724 cm
Size 3824,5 cm
Size 3925 cm
Size 4026,2 cm
Size 4126,8 cm
Size 4227,5 cm

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