The design

We design shoes for kids of all ages - perfectly fitted, with many adjustment possibilities. Made from soft and durable leathers, our designs shapes to fit natural movement. Our sole units are light, flexible and offer support in all the right places.

Bundgaard shoes are characterized by simplistic and functional design, with a hint of childish curiosity. The Danish design tradition is a significant part of our heritage and is mastered by our talented footwear designers. They skillfully seek out inspiration from anywhere - such as antique curiosities from the Bundgaard archives, colors in the industrial harbor in which we are situated, and the magnificent Scandinavian nature.

We design classic & fun children’s shoes with thoroughly tested fits: narrow, standard and wide. Our designs are easy on the eyes and comfortable to wear.

In production, we honor traditional craftsmanship and use high quality materials - ensuring the highest degree of comfort. The factories in which we produce our handmade collections follow REACH standards.