Rubber boots

Rubber boots

Bundgaard rubber boots are ideal for kids 4 - 16 years of age.

Recommended as an extra boot for days where rain and mud will get the better of any leather boot. Bundgaard rubber boots are made by hand from natural rubber. After being assembled, the boots are baked in an oven which hardens & makes them waterproof. ⠀

The boots are made from natural rubber and needs to be cared for, to prolong its lifespan. Olive oil is great for this. Rinse of dirt as often as possible and apply a little oil.⠀ ⠀ If the boots somehow get wet inside, don't panic. Simply pour out the water, pull out the inner sole and let it dry. The cotton/dacron lining will air dry fast.⠀
Don't leave the boots on a heater or in the sun. This will dry out the rubber. Insted air-dry.⠀

We recommend approximately 1,2 - 1,5 cm of extra space for growth in our children's shoes.

Wide fit
High functionality & waterproff
Flexible sole-units
Anti-slip sole
Supporting counter for heel stability

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