Bundgaard First shoes are ideal for babies & toddlers 1-4 years of age. 

Learning to walk takes practice and support. Bundgaard First shoes are designed with a great fit and high degree of comfort. 
The design leaves room for the big toe to sit in a straight line - improving balance, direction, and speed. Built on thoroughly tested lasts, these shoes grant toes room to more naturally grip and push off.

Bundgaard Prewalkers are ideal for babies from 6 months to 1 1/2 years of age.

Designed for indoor use, Prewalkers are great at daycare and for walking around at home or next to the pram when grocery shopping with mom & dad.
If your toddler is ready for a run outside, we recommend the Petit collection - its fit and design better suited for little big adventures.
-See our ”First shoe” collection if this is the case.

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