First shoes

First shoes

Bundgaard First shoes are ideal for babies & toddlers 1-4 years of age. 

Learning to walk is easier in comfortable babies’ shoes. Bundgaard First shoes are designed with a high degree of comfort, made from premium leathers and flexible rubber sole-units. Best buy is the Bestselling Walk collection, with zero heel drop and supportive counter for heel stability. The bundgaard design leaves room for the big toe to sit in a straight line - improving balance, direction, and speed. Built on thoroughly tested lasts, these shoes grant toes room to more naturally grip and push off when walking.

We recommend approximately 1,2 - 1,5 cm of extra space for growth in our first shoes.

Standard or wide fit
Flexible sole-units
Adjustable velcro and/or lace
Supporting counter for heel stability
Toe reinforcement

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