Samuel, Grey Mus


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Samuel is a lovely little midseason shoe for toddlers. The shoe has a standard fit and comes with a supportive heel cap which helps provide stability. The shoe is equipped with velcro, which allows the shoe to open completely, making it easy to adjust and slip on/off.

Cutting stitch on Velcro
Toe reinforcement
Back counter support
Padding on collar
Premoulded removable insole
TR sole

Indicative internal measurements:
Str. 2214,6 cm
Str. 2315,4 cm
Str. 2416,0 cm
Str. 2516,6 cm
Str. 2617,4 cm
Str. 2717,7 cm
Str. 2818,1 cm
Str. 2918,7 cm
Str. 3019,4 cm

SKU: BG101114W_118